April 29, 2004

The Department of Energy has published the representative average unit costs of five residential energy sources for the year 2004, as required by the Energy Policy and Conservation Act. These costs are used to determine estimated annual operating costs for certain consumer products such as furnaces and water heaters. The representative average unit cost of propane is compared to other fuels and last year in the table below.

Representative energy costs, 2003 - 2004

Energy source 2003 Cost in common unit of measure 2003 Cost per million BTU 2004 Cost in common unit of measure 2004 Cost per million BTU
Electricity 8.41 cents/kWh $24.65 8.60 cents/kWh $25.20
Natural Gas 81.6 cents/therm
  or $8.31MCF
$8.16 91.0 cents/therm
  or $9.27MCF
# 2 oil $1.22/gallon $8.80 $1.28/gallon $9.23
Propane $1.21/gallon $13.25 $1.23/gallon $13.46
Kerosene $1.43/gallon $10.59 $1.54/gallon $11.41

kWh = Kilowatt hour
Therm = 100,000 BTU
MCF = 1,000 cubic feet
BTU is British Thermal Unit --
Just what is a BTU?
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